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Watch this amazing demo of RoomScan Pro's "Scan with Camera" Mode. Note how you can keep scanning no problem even when you can't see the floor around the bath.
In this video, RoomScan Pro is used to scan the entire floor of a large house. There are no cuts in the video — as you can see, it takes under eight minutes to scan seven large rooms and get a floor plan.
In rare cases, you may not be able to reach one of the walls. This video shows how to deal with that — simply touch the two adjacent walls at the imaginary corners where you'd like the omitted wall to appear.
Another case where you can't touch a wall is where the entire side of a room comprises a large opening. This video shows how to use RoomScan Pro in homes with openings joining different open plan areas. Alternatively, you can scan a large open plan space as one room.
Here's a closer look at the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen when you hold the phone still against a wall, doorway or closed door:


In this screenshot, there are four "in doorway" buttons, but if you haven't enabled the "Door Swing Buttons" option in Settings then you will only see two.

When you're getting started with RoomScan Pro, imagine there are only two buttons: "on wall" and "in doorway". If you press the wrong "in doorway" button, the door will appear the wrong way around on the floor plan. But it doesn't really matter, as you can easily swap it around after the scan is complete.

So, here's the plan:

• When you touch a wall, don't press any of the buttons. The selection remains "on wall".

• When you're holding the device inside the door frame of an open door (90 degrees to the wall), tap any of the "in doorway" buttons while still holding the device in place. It doesn't matter which, for now.

That's it.

The buttons only appear while holding the device in place. It's best to use a small device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch if you have one available.

As well as touching the doorways, you need to touch all the walls exactly as you did when scanning a room without doors. Touching a door does not count as a wall (except for the "on closed door" option, as explained below).

Please note that there isn't an icon for windows. These can be added after the scan by tapping the floor plan where you'd like them to appear.

Later on you can learn how to get the doors to be hinged and swing on the correct side by touching the appropriate buttons during the scan. But until then, simply tap the doors on the plan after the scan and options appear to swap the directions.

It's important to get the hinge side correct before moving on to the next room.

The other buttons are for special cases:

• The "on closed door" button is useful if you can't open the door, or if the door fills the whole of a short wall. When you use this button, the touch counts as a wall and as a door. Place the phone on the center of the closed door.

• The "openings" button is for open doorways with no door, or joining open plan spaces. You can touch one side of the opening and get a standard width, or touch both sides to get a specific width of opening.

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